hmm, after gaining some more worldly wisom, here I am yet again. To give my two cents.

This journey in blogging started two years back as an attempt to test the unknown waters.  Unsure how my rudimentary skills in writing would help me stay afloat in this big world of blogging, I embarked on this road nonetheless, with the only goal of putting a happy smile on my readers’ face.  Simple goal. I never wanted this to be a place for big, complimented subjects.  So if you are looking at some serious sharing of knowledge on some fancy, ‘hot’ subject, I am sorry, this is not the place you’d enjoy.

After living a quarter of century in Mumbai, India, I have now moved to live with my husband in New Zealand. And though these two places are as different from each other as chalk and cheese, I can’t help but notice that all people are essentially the same, no matter in which part of the world you are. We are all made up of the same core ingredients that make us who we are…humans!  We all feel happy and sad about same kinds of things, we also worry about same kinds of things, and we all celebrate similar things in life, only in different styles.

‘All things worldly’ is about random musings on everyday trivia. This blog is about people, about everyday things that affect us. This is also a blog about my observations, my thoughts, my new life in NZ vis-à-vis my old life in India. You would find stories here, some funny and some touching. You would also find a few references to some of the most wonderful people in my life.

This is the kind of place you crave after you have been away for a long time. Home. Simple and uncomplicated. Yet warm and welcoming.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to pour your thoughts over mine.


Previously on “About

I often wonder how you describe yourself in ‘About Me’ sections everywhere, on various networking sites, interviews, job portals etc. What can you write/say about your entire existence in a couple of words? And especially when you know people are going to read this and form opinions about you on basis of this, it puts you in the hot seat and you almost feel like a student writing an exam with the need to please the examiner.

So what do you want to know about me?

What do I do for a living? – I am working on secret project of national interest.

Is this my picture? – Yes

Am I single? – Ya right, why should I tell you that?

Are you ready to mingle? – Why does this clichéd question always follow the above question?

What is my age? – No one ever told you to never ask a girl her age?

Why did I choose wordpress? – Coz everyone chooses Blogspot

Do I live in India? Yes, I do

In Mumbai? Yes, in Mumbai

Do you really find elephants on the roads here? *Yawns*

Can’t you answer one simple question, ‘Tell us something about yourself?’

Okay here goes:
I am an MBA in Marketing, I work as a Corporate Communications Manager, I blog in free time, I love to read, I love to cook, I am restless, I need to drink lots of water, so that obviously means that I have to use the loo much too often, I like to exercise, I am shallow, I am the author of, ‘She is not an MBA’ (you may want to Google it), I am homely, no I don’t feel insecure, and yes I ambitious and yes am confused about things…………………………….I am dozing off. This is so boring!


55 thoughts on “About

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  3. first time seen this kind of ” About ” page , where 80% comments are between two bloggers 🙂 , & the blogger herself asked her question & she is not MBA also 😉 . . . . Just kidding 🙂 , Such a crispy intro & yes , everybody says tell me about your self in some words . . . But How can i ? for that you have to live with me for days . . .& the expenses would be on yours !!! & nobody would ask u again , 🙂 😀

    An Awesome Blog to be visited . Happy blogging . Nirav / Gujarat .

    • haha..Thanks 🙂
      Doing award posts is getting kind of ummm..monotonous..won’t you agree?
      But i am so happy to note that you find me so deserving 🙂 Thanks
      And er..Beautiful blogger award..Er Seriously!?

      • Yes I totally agree. I was thinking this at the same time when I was writing it. I kept thinking and kept writing 😀
        And after publishing this one, I made my mind that no more award posts after this. So yes, you need not bother much. 🙂

        Haha.. Don’t you worry, you’ll not become a ‘girl at the signal’ on WP. 😉

  4. Hey ya, Zinal!
    Now, I don’t remember when did the clock strike a tick and I stumbled across this Non-MBA blogger 😀 whose blog has really kept its charm.
    Well, jokes apart, nice to have known you. I read some real good posts at your end.
    Shall remain in touch.
    Much love for you, deary. 🙂

  5. First time here and enjoyed reading your posts. You call yourself confused but I’m glad your confusion doesn’t keep you from posting ! And mind you, confused and insane people are the best. I was sane once but now my insanity and confusion are restored. As a certain “Idiot” once said…ALL IS WELL 😉

  6. Haha… You know… That “haha” came after reading your previous ‘about’. Why? Wrote something similar years back on my blog as well 😛 Not implying that you copied, or the other way round :D, but I absolutely love coincidences,accidents and patterns that emerge thereon. Science student here!

    NewZealand sounds nice. My sister was there for some time for internship. And of course, as every guy on the planet knows, LOTR was shot there 🙂
    Congratulations on the marriage, and on the lovely blog that you have here. Will be coming around more often.

    • haha 🙂 I get ya
      I am glad you liked it here. Thanks for the wishes.
      NZ is quite nice really, developed yet laid back. And most importantly, people are lovely here, very warm and flexible. If you get a chance, you must visit. Cheers!

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