Time, where are you racing to?

It seems like 2014 is in a big rush to make its grand entry and is determinedly forcing 2013 out of its way. Poor 2013 seems to be making a hurried exit. Can you believe it? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we finally got a hang of writing 2013 in the dates instead of 2012 and now soon we have to start writing 2014. Phew!

Oh time, please slow down!

Though personally, I am hardly complaining, the sooner the time passes, the quicker I would be in India and sooner I will be seeing my loved ones. But keeping that one selfish wish aside, can I just ask you to slow down just a bit? What is the big rush?  If you continue at this hurried pace, my month long visit to India will turn into one hell of a whirlwind trip. It will be over, no sooner than it starts. I can already feel the post-holiday depression, even before the holiday begins. It will be over too soon. There is so much to pack in so little time. It is too depressing to think about how it will end. No, I am not letting my mind stray in that direction, at least for now.

You will get where you want to get sooner or later. So please, will you stop sprinting? And you are especially nippy on the weekends. No sooner than you arrive, you prepare to leave. Soon in February, you will tell me I am 27. What?!!

For the last few weeks I have been observing how quickly you are moving through the work week too, not just weekends. Monday through Friday in a wink of an eye. This is my third week at my new job and I have hardly had any time to think, pause and reflect. And after work, there is house and husband to look after. Fresh meals to be prepared every single day, not because I have to, but because I want to. I have hardly had time to breathe, forget checking personal mails or reading my favourite blogs.

Truth be told, I am actually a fan of these fast-type days. I love it when time does that. Consumes you so wholly, that you forget to keep time of time. I love being busy, I love being occupied. It is the slow, uninspired days that I dread the most.

Living in New Zealand has given me enough time to pursue a dual life. A life after work. Life that begins after office hours. And I don’t mean a life of wild partying (never had a life of wild partying anyway). I mean that window of a couple of hours  in the evening that gives you time to pursue your passions, your hobbies, your dreams, things that you want to do more and more.

Cooking it is in my case. No two days pass by without whipping up something new. Not a single phone/Skype call is complete without endless discussions on food. This is one passion that runs through the family and we are the family that discusses lunch at breakfast and dinner at lunch. And not to forget the snacks in between. And we never get tired of this. Guess what am I thinking about in the 5-7 minutes of free time that I might get at work? Food. I think of what is in the fridge and what is in the pantry and what can go with what and result in to a good dish. Suddenly out of no where, a new recipe would start taking shape in my mind. And once it is in the mind, it has to be on the PLATE.

Away from home, there is absolutely nothing that can fill the void of family and friends, but when life gives you lemons, you try to make lemonade out of it. So I can hardly complain about my less-than-active (almost defunct) social life in New Zealand. I have heaps of time, and I make most of it by doing what I do the best. Who knows, few years from now, when I look back, this is the life I would look upon, this is the time I would miss.

P.S. Thoughts about having a food blog are making more and more frequent appearances in my head than I would like to admit.


Time will tell

There are so many things that we experience on a daily basis. And so many of those things happening to us make no sense at all at this point. There are so many things that scare us, make us unhappy or sad. And we often ask God, “Why me?” Some things feel so horribly wrong and some grieves are so unbearable – totally out of our league of understanding.

Yet in the long run, everything makes sense. Every experience, every moment, every day is intricately woven into a larger scheme of things that might not make any sense to us in present. But when we look back, things that made no sense in past, questions that had no answers, many missing pieces of the puzzles from the past have slowly fallen into place for us today or they will eventually fall into place when the time is right. It is very hard, but sometimes all that is required of us is to just trust in time. Don’t we often think back on some chapters of our life and say, “Thank God it happened that way”?

Things that are beyond our understanding today are also happening to us for a reason. A reason that only ‘time’ knows. Just like those things in the past that make sense to us today.

Let me give you an example. You woke up with a start, only to realise that your alarm had conked off and you have slept past your bedtime. You hurry through your chores, cursing the damned clock and rush out to catch your daily bus to work,  only to realise that you have missed the bus and now you will be undeniably late to work. You curse some more. But in a dramatic turn of events, you find out in the afternoon that the bus you missed in the morning met with a fatal accident. Now you thank your stars. Thank God, I wasn’t on that bus.

I am using such a dramatic example only to drive home a simple point. May be you weren’t meant to be on that bus. You felt that you were doomed in the morning. But by afternoon, ‘your alarm conking off’ and ‘you missing your daily bus’ make sense to you. When you look back on events, you are able to connect the dots.

Now that doesn’t mean that every time you will miss the bus or every time you will fail at something, there would be such a dramatic reason behind it. The reason might be big or small, but we must trust that it has happened for a reason.

Only if we could sneak a peek into our future on a whim, so many of our present queries will have answers, right? But things wouldn’t be half as exciting. What fun it would be to know everything today anyway? Knowing everything in the present might, in fact, be too overwhelming for our little mind and the information overload might just crash it.

So just like we never question why happy, pleasant, good things are coming to us, we should also try to come to terms with the unsavoury experiences. Because they are also happening to us for a bigger reason that will reveal itself later. They are also playing a small role in the film that life is! History is a witness to how some of the most unpleasant events in the past have acted as triggers and given rise to something so beautiful.

It is my feeling that Time ripens all things; with Time all things are revealed; Time is the father of truth – Francois Rabelais