Thank You so much for kreativity award

Yes, this moment. This moment when you want to say a lot of things but you feel your mouth is running dry. This is that making-an-impromptu-sounding-but-well-rehearsed-speech-at-award-ceremony moment.

But i will try my best and keep it short. So here’s my impromptu speech 😉

I thank Tapish for nominating me for this prestigious award. I have been writing reading his blogs for the last couple of weeks and i think he is doing a fab job. Keep up!

I thank my parents for having brought me in to this world 🙂 So that i could blog one day 😉

I thank God for being so kind and generous with me and gifting me some useful skills 😉

And most importantly, I thank all my fellow bloggers, whose blogs i have been reading, devouring for months now and enjoying every little bit of insight into their minds and lives.

I am hooked onto their blogs for sure, and can’t go a day without checking their updates.

You can read 7 things about me here.

Some of the Kreative Bloggers i like are:

1. Twisted DNA.. The funniest blog ..

2. Susie from

3. The Mad momma

4. Charles from

5. Arindam


7. Sapna from

8. Foodie Haathi

9. Coco

10.  Daniel, The Writer, Filmmaker,

11.  Madhu





I thank Tapish once again and all congratulate all you Kreative Bloggers 🙂


6 thoughts on “Thank You so much for kreativity award

  1. Congrats Zinal on getting this award. I am sure there are plenty more to come incoming days. Keep your award acceptance speeches ready for them. 🙂 Have a great week!

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