My love affair with Peanut Butter

As love affairs go, this one might not seem so scandalous. I mean, its just peanut butter after all.

But then, its not JUST peanut butter. It is PEANUT BUTTER.

I wonder how I went so many years without peanut butter. I started relishing this sinful spread only about a couple of years back and ever since, there has been no looking back. And I am so addicted to this versatile spread, that now; I can not go a day without having my peanut butter fix each morning. Peanut butter on a toast is how mornings kick start around here. Creamy and crunchy, I love them both. And people who don’t like it, I feel sorry for you.

I love it so much that I dread to think of a world where peanut butter doesn’t exist. Yes, I get those kinds of thoughts. I also want to take it along on holidays, just in case you know 🙂

Breakfast, lunch or dinner…every time is right for indulging in some peanut butter. Every time I come eye to eye with PB jar, I have to practically stop myself from dunking a finger in this gooey goodness.

Health wise, they say it is in fact good. It has healthy kind of fat and all that jazz. So I have stopped feeling too guilty about consuming it. But then of course, eating in moderation would be logical. Not more than couple of table spoons a day. DAMN it’s hard.


Too much peanut butter


5 thoughts on “My love affair with Peanut Butter

  1. I am new to this peanut-butter-crazy list myself. Last year hopped onto this fitness wagon after hitting 100 Kg mark. Since then, the journey has been nothing but … illuminating. PB came as part of the substitute for regular butter- only high on protein and low on fat. I was looking for that Sunfield/something-like-that only to find that they have stopped production. There is only one brand available here in Indian markets ( Dr Oetker or something ). What about you? Does NZ have better opptions?

    • Luckily, we get quite a few interesting options in PB to choose from here. I suggest you make your own peanut butter since you don’t have many options to choose from. It is really, really simple and gets done in under 10 minutes. You can check out the youtube videos.

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