My story about winter

It is that time again. Time to bring the woollies out, time to crank up the heater, time to dread taking head baths, time  to have a big pot of soup simmering away on the stove, time to wait several long minutes in the car before the car heats up, time to make zillion excuses to not exercise, and time to be indoors all the time, cuddled under a fleece blanket even on holidays. Did I mention time for rising electricity bills?

Oh, Winter! I am not able to decide whether I love you or hate you. I think I fall somewhere in between. You bring out strange emotions in me.

Back in Mumbai (oh, those good old days!), I remember a strange vision flash before my eyes. Don’t know if that was a dream, or an epiphany or a déjà-vu moment.  I was single, and TCG was no where in horizon. I dreamed wearing a plush winter jacket, a chic scarf around my neck and stepping out of a red car. A tiny smile was playing on my lips. If you have ever known Mumbai, you would have really thought of it to be an entirely absurd dream. There almost never is a winter in Mumbai. The coldest it gets is around 20 degrees, hardly a temperature to bring out scarves and long coats. Then why did I have such a dream?  A clear visual is still imprinted fresh in the eyes of my mind. May be it was a visual of what is to come.

Cut to present and it all makes sense.  I live in Wellington now; winters here are chilly and windy. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder at the intuitive powers of your mind. Sometimes you just know what is to come. At such times, you realise the power of your dreams.  A few days back, when I was stepping out of our red car, wearing a chic scarf and a winter jacket, that visual from my dream from a couple of years back, came flooding back to my memory. The moment was just as I had seen in my dreams.  My hair was secured with black bobby-pins, just like it had been in my dreams. It was unimaginable. It was surreal. Did I attract this is my life?

Coming back to winter. I like winter because it lets me dress up, lets me wear nice jackets and scarves and look all prim and proper.

But it does bring along a lot of discomfort. Outdoors feel chilly all the time, like cold needles pricking you. You can’t wait to get back to the warmth of your car or your home. Wellington is nasty for its winds and there is nothing more dreadful than winter + winds combined, which happens a lot here for my liking. The sun peeps out really late and is very quick to call it a day. Its dark when we walk to work and it is dark when we walk back home and that can get really depressing.

Sorry, more dreadful than winter + winds is, winter + winds + rains. Did I mention that?

Winter is early this year and portions of South Island are already covered in a thick blanket of snow. And Wellington has already started flirting with 2 degrees and 1 degree. It doesn’t really snow here, but it did a couple of years ago and took the entire nation by surprise.

I have never really seen snow falling, wish that could come true this winter!

I better go create that visual in my mind! Like now!