Simple days

Is there anybody who feels extremely sad about the fact that people won’t use ink pens any more? As a child who loved a good pen over a good doll, it aches my heart to see that its cheap and ubiquitous replacement, the ball-point pen, is flourishing where as the good ol’ humble ink pen, known to be a writer’s best friend, may well be on the verge of total disappearance. A calligrapher would vouch for an ink pen over a ball-point day any day. I wonder if the kids today even know what an ink-pen is, and what it looks like? I wonder if they will know what a pen is in few years, let alone an ink pen. Every darn thing is becoming digital these days!

Does anyone else feel as disinterested as I do, talking on phones? I find it really difficult to stay focussed on the phone conversation. I can’t hold up a conversation on phone longer than a minute or two. My mind starts wandering before I know, even leading to embarrassment sometimes, because I am only hearing, not listening. Try as I might, I can’t. And ever since moving to New Zealand, I have hardly made any outgoing calls, or received any incoming calls either. I am connected to my world through Skype and Whats-app, and the need to make calls (apart from family sometimes) has become almost non-existent. Thankfully, TCG and I are also not those people who want to be connected on the phone all the time and be updated about everything the other person is doing while s/he is away. Thank God for that! I couldn’t have put up with a husband who calls 100 times a day! There are better things to do!

Does anyone feel the pressure while shopping because there are way too many options to choose from these days, thanks to consumerism? Whether you are selecting milk or a packet of chips or toothpaste or shampoo or even toilet paper for that matter, there are way too many options for your little brain to consider? It is mind-boggling.  And no matter what you choose, you always end up wishing you had chosen ‘the other’. Life was simple when we had lesser options.

Does anyone else feel it is alright to go on hours without looking at your mobile phones? I have been increasingly leaving my phone back, when we step out.  And I actually like it. It feels nice to give your full attention to the person you are with and share a warm conversation, as opposed to staring at your mobile screen when the other person is talking to you. It also feels nice to be at a dinner table where everyone is actually enjoying each other’s company rather than being engrossed in their phones. It feels nice to be in a real world rather than a virtual world.

Does anyone feel that the mindless clicking of photographs we do on our mobile phones or digital cameras is actually annoying? We click pictures till we run out of memory. Then we copy all the data to our laptops and create more space on our phones for newer pictures. We have 1000s of digital pictures but hardly any physical photos to hold on to (like back in the days) anymore. How often do we revisit these several thousand pictures? Back in the days, we clicked pictures only on special occasions and had them all developed and preserved in small albums. We clicked fewer pictures, but we still had memories to hold on to. Now, we only have clutter and no time to sort that clutter. I feel when you go click-click-click all the time; you end up having pictures, agreed, but you also end up losing that moment.

Sometimes I just wish, things could be simple once again!



4 thoughts on “Simple days

  1. It’s so true, Zinal, and often wonder of the good times which is history now, ink pen and small Kodak camera which made parties and reunion so special. Now, we have everything at the finger tips. Love ur post.

  2. To be honest, I do not miss my ink pens. I am left-handed and used to create terrible smudges while writing. I do love my ball pens though and I REALLY LOVE PAPER!!
    I am totally with you on the topic of annoying mobile phones. I chose a “dumb phone” over a smart phone. I don’t let it go into the internet, it is just for being reachable when I am out of my home (especially for school, should there be something with the boys). Occasionally I send text messages. I really think people should talk to each other in real life – and when they meet, they should communicate with each other and not with their phones. 😉
    But, to finish on an optimistic note: my boys (9 and 6) spend hours playing football outside (although they also want to play on the computer a lot… but I try to keep them interested in the real world).

    • It’s so refreshing to hear that your boys actually enjoy playing out in the open, that’s the way to be. Growing up, we spent hours outdoors in school holidays, returning home only at meal times.
      But I totally agree with you on the usage of phone, I am not a phone person.
      P.S. I love paper too 🙂

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