Soft Beds, Hard Battles

Probably one of the most difficult things about relocation (especially to a new country) is getting used to a new bed.

Considering we spend an average of 7-8 hours each day on our bed, it is not an easy adjustment to make by any means.

Getting used to a new bed is harder than getting used to a new city. Finding a bed that suits you and makes you feel comfortable is doubly difficult. Because when you go bed-shopping, how can you know instantly if that bed feels right or not? You can lie down for a few minutes to see if it agrees with you or not. But you can only tell after a few nights, whether it suits you or not. And if it doesn’t, you are not just poorer by a few thousand dollars but you are also stuck with a bed that makes you cringe in pain each morning after waking up.

Contrary to what many of us feel, soft beds are not very ideal. It has been almost a year since I moved to Wellington. Our mattress is thick, but very soft.  I detest soft beds, they give you a horrible body ache and they are not very good for your body too. It’s the kind of bed you’d sink in, as soon as you plop on to it. You would think one year is a reasonable time to get used to a new bed.  Apparently, it is not. I still wake up every morning feeling sore. I feel the tension thick in my neck, shoulder and my back. And if that’s not enough, the pillows are no good too. Even after changing our pillows thrice, we still haven’t found ‘the perfect ones.’ After waking up each morning, it takes a few minutes of some serious stretching to feel mobile once again.

I hate this bed. I miss the beds in India. The day we buy our own house in New Zealand, we will import our bed from India. TCG, are you listening? Because it seems like I have almost forgotten how it feels like to wake up feeling fresh and not cramp-y.

Now who would have thought that I would write about missing beds on my blog! Phew!

*Soft Beds, Hard Battles is a 1974 British comedy film directed by Roy Boulting.


8 thoughts on “Soft Beds, Hard Battles

  1. Having a comfortable bed is must since it is a space where we dream about life and anything that matter. It’s our personal space and choose the best for your soul. It deserves your love:)

  2. A good mattress not only eliminates any health risks from your life but also provides unmatched comfort, making you feel healthier and more active every morning. Therefore it does make perfect sense to spend that wee bit more than you would usually allot as a typical budget for a mattress and buy one that has been scientifically designed, using the latest technical know-how. Investing in the right mattress is equal to investing in health and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it is an investment on which hinges the comfort and well-being of the entire family.

  3. I love my bed! When I come home from a holiday, however nice it was, I really enjoy the moment I let myself sink into my own bed (metaphorically speaking…. it is not that soft…). Sweet dreams!

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