Rotten people

It is not always easy to live in a happy bubble. It is not always easy to be in high spirits. Because some people can puncture your mood with their poisonous tongue.

Then at some other times, right at the start of the day, you meet some rotten eggs, who spoil your day with their rotten behaviour.

I know I should be able to just shrug off and move on, but move on I can’t. It affects me more than I am willing to admit. What happened today left me high and dry.

Let me take you back 6 months and begin from the start.

On my previous job, we were a team of 4 people doing an assignment on contract. Out of us four, contract was to be extended for only one person for a further period of another few months. That lucky person was me. I would like to think that it was completely on my merit. And I know for sure it was.

But this other girl in the team who had also applied for the same job was highly disappointed. Because she wasn’t selected and I was. She was always a little rude to begin with. The good person in me always gave her the benefit of doubt. But after news of my extension, her behaviour towards me altered even more dramatically. She started giving me a cold shoulder. I stopped caring. She became unprofessional. I kept it professional. But the tension between us was palpable. She had such a negative aura that I kept my distance. On her last day, I finally heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Cut back to present.

6 months later and 5 weeks into my new job, all happy and hearty, guess who I bumped into in the elevator this morning? That same conniving woman, who I thought would have moved on in life, who I wished I don’t have to see again. Little did I know!

As I entered the lift, I saw her right there in front of me. There were 4 other people. What do you do when you bump in to someone who sat right next to you for a good few months and worked in the same team as yours? Your impulse reaction would be an eager, “Hey, Hi! How are you?” or something like that. Stupid me, I acted on my impulse. Four other people heard me say that. And this woman, the same woman who sat next to me, refused to recognise me. For several painful seconds, she said nothing, while I kept waiting with my mouth open, cheeks flushed, my HI… hanging in the air and four other people looking on.

That painful silence stretched for a good 7-8 seconds. I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I felt compelled to do some damage control. I know I should have sopped, let it pass. But before I could think, words escaped my mouth. I was trying to save the situation and only sunk deeper.

“I have been here for a month now…..”

She had still not recognised me and giving me a ‘Do I know you?’ expression.

Few more seconds passed. I grew redder. Others kept looking on.

And then she said, “Looks like you are following me. Why did they not keep you in (previous company)?”

I wanted to die. How can someone be so vile?

I tried to make a little joke and say, “Yes, I guess I am following you. My contract there ended.”

“It’s a shame they didn’t extend yet again. Why didn’t they?”

 4 people all attuned to the conversation by now. I wished the earth could swallow me.

Screw you b***h.

Thank fully, I didn’t have to answer that. The lift opened on to my floor. I have never been happier to get out of the lift. I have never been so claustrophobic.

Thank God, we work on different floors and would rarely (I hope) bump into one another.

P.S: On a much happier note: Exactly eight days before I fly home and will be reunited with the best people in my world.




17 thoughts on “Rotten people

  1. Oh hoo.. that lady has some serious issues.. but you dont worry next time if you bump into her again, which I hope you not, you too just pretend she doesn’t exists..
    Ohh you flying next Friday?? me too.. me too.. yay!! yay!! yay!!

  2. “When another person makes you suffer, its because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over.”

    Friday is the day of forgiveness. Forgive her and you will feel amazing. The beautiful person you are I know u will be easily able to forgive her, something she couldn’t do.

    Love u lots cant wait to see u muaah x

  3. Forget it Zinal… She is simply jealous of you… Ultimately she is going to be at the losing end, if she continuous to behave so…

    Enjoy… 🙂

  4. U should ignore such sicko and they are losers who can never go anywhere..bad vibes and good u ignored too I met two such characters in new office but one week later, they left. I met such few characters in my life and know the feeling. Enjoy and make d most in Mumbai, Zinal:)

  5. Successful people have 2 things on their lips, silence and smile. Smile to solve problems and Silence to avoid problems. Life is tough but GOD’s blessings r always with U.

  6. What an embarrassing situation! I can imagine you tried to evaporate into thin air. Elevators can be a real pain – but people much more so. Why would anybody be so rude in public? I mean, she must have realised it just made herself look bad! I am sure the other people saw what there was to see: One friendly person, trying to make polite conversation, and one troll trying backstabbing comments. It can only backfire on her.

    • I guess you are right, it reflects bad on her. But in that moment, I was frozen. I mean, what can you do if someone just refuses to recognize you and you know they are doing that on purpose? But you are right, I pity her.

  7. oh shit . . that was on shitty situation. I’m sure she would have felt a little shame. anyways you did the right thing and look at the bright side . . . she’s the one who’s rotting inside now you 🙂

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