I wish I could dance

There are so many things I wish I knew. And topping the list is ‘dance’. I wish I knew to dance. Dance beautifully and gracefully.

To save myself from the awkwardness of dancing at my own wedding, I tried to learn a small jig. But I wasn’t able to lose myself in the music. It showed on my face that it didn’t come from within, that I was slightly hugely uncomfortable. It showed that my moves were learnt and rehearsed. It showed that I was trying too hard to remember my moves rather than just enjoy the dance.

Dance is such a beautiful expression of joy, freedom, happiness, passion, fun, and all kinds of emotions. I imagine it to be being so liberating. It’s is the most elegant outlet to all the pent up energy, isn’t it? And it is so glamorous. I wish I knew to dance. I wish I was not that awkward. I wish I was more flexible. I wish I didn’t have any inhibitions. I wish I had started very early in life.

I wish this was me

I wish this was me

When I see others dancing, losing themselves in music, enjoying, twisting, turning, making graceful moves, exuding joy and passion, expressing themselves through their dancing eyes…I want to be that person.

When I see couples waltzing away in their beautiful shimmery costumes…I want to be a part of that couple.

When I see someone surrendering to the music, I want to be that person.

When I see someone dancing to celebrate their victory, big or small, I want to be that person.

When I see someone burning the dance floor with their scintillating moves, I want to be that person.

When I see someone’s dance holding the entire audience enchanted and captivated, I want to be that person.

When I see a lady sexily moving her belly, I want to be that lady.

When I see a child pulling off very complex moves so effortlessly, I want to be that child.

When I see Bollywood heroines dancing their way to glory, I want to be that heroine.

But most of all, when I see someone losing oneself in dance so much, totally oblivious to the people around, and only focused on enjoying, I want to be that person the most.

I wish I knew to dance.

Some beautiful quotes on dance:

“We should consider everyday lost in which we don’t dance.” -Neitzsche

“Dance is a little insanity that does us all a lot of good.” -Edward Demby

“Dance isn’t something that can be explained in words. It has to be danced.”  -Paige Arden

“While I dance I can not judge, I can not hate, I can not separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance.” -Hans Bos

“Thousands of emotions well up inside me through out the day. They are released when I dance.” -Abraham Lincon

“If I can not dance, I shall die!” -Anna Pavlova


10 thoughts on “I wish I could dance

  1. how often have I wished only if I could dance. Though I love dance performances, dance was always a “no-no” for me. I thought I was the only one, but here I’m glad to find yet another…hope we all could dance one day!

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