Candy Crush Addiction

I have a small confession to make. Lately, I have been spending an awful lot of time glued to my phone. Not texting, flirting or any such meanderings. Not facebooking, tweeting or whats-apping. Not instagraming either.

I am addicted to a game. Yes, you heard it right. Candy Crush has me glued to my phone…at all possible times…on my way to work, in between work, on my way back from work, in the loo, between meals, before bed time. I keep playing till I run out of lives, which is very irritating really. You have to wait for several minutes, hours or in some cases even days to get credited with new lives. The only exasperating part about this game.

Very, very unlikely me. I thought I would be the last person to ever take liking to a game. I often patronized people who played games all the time. How could you let a game consume you so wholly? You are not even paying attention to what I am saying. My words are coming back to bite me.

And I have some severe competition. My mother in law is at level 65 and am at level 32. In my defence, I started much later. But I have a lot of catching up to do.

Poor TCG is bearing the brunt. While I am at it, he is often snapped at for no good reason at all, but just for trying to talk or ask something or for wanting some normal human interaction. The good, patient guy that he is, he rarely interrupts me while I am crushing candies. He is one of those types who would sit patiently and wait for others to finish whatever they are doing, even if that is just a silly game. Let’s just say he is epitome of patience. I, on the other hand, would lose my mind if he were engrossed in a game at all times and didn’t give me the momentary attention I needed. Yes, we are very different that way. The more I know him, the more I realise the qualities that I lack, compared to him. Sigh.

Anyway, coming back to the point. You know you are badly addicted when all you can think of is finishing all work quickly and going back to the game. You know you are badly addicted when your reading, writing, blogging comes to a grinding halt because in your free time all you want to do is crush candies. You know you are badly addicted when after repeated attempts; you still keep failing at a particularly tough level and start thinking of ways to cheat. You know you are fighting a lost case, when you actually Google how to cheat at a game. You know your addiction is getting out of control when you feel like you hit the jackpot on finding that there actually are tips available to pass a level.

And you know that your addiction is reaching annoying levels (to others of course) when you send Facebook requests to your friends for extra lives!

Ok…I got my lives back on Candy Crush…so gotta go now!


14 thoughts on “Candy Crush Addiction

  1. Oh wow. I am surprised that you made some time to write this blog. haha…
    Thankfully you haven’t compromised on cooking so I have no reason to complain! 😛

  2. Good one. Commenting here to add that surprisingly my wife & my mom too are hooked on to some “bubble totem” game on their phones, since few days & at times, their conversation highlights the tips n tricks & levels of the game. LOL.. On a lighter note, this keeps the home more quieter.. ;p

    • haha…well as long as it keeps the home quiet..You have no reason to complain. 😛
      As TCG says, as long as I make good food, he has no reason to complain either 😛
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Social and mobile gaming is bringing a huge new wave of players into gaming. As a gamer its nice to see people diving into the medium.
    A world of people exist that struggle massively with addiction, rarely is this term applied to video game use by players themselves. We prefer the term ‘compulsion’. If you wanna find out a little more you can check my blog out.

    • Thank you for visiting I wouldn’t call my self a hardcore gamer yet. It’s just this game that has wound me tightly around its little finger. And I call it addiction because I can already see how I am compromising on other things that I would love to do. Thanks 🙂

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