Time will tell

There are so many things that we experience on a daily basis. And so many of those things happening to us make no sense at all at this point. There are so many things that scare us, make us unhappy or sad. And we often ask God, “Why me?” Some things feel so horribly wrong and some grieves are so unbearable – totally out of our league of understanding.

Yet in the long run, everything makes sense. Every experience, every moment, every day is intricately woven into a larger scheme of things that might not make any sense to us in present. But when we look back, things that made no sense in past, questions that had no answers, many missing pieces of the puzzles from the past have slowly fallen into place for us today or they will eventually fall into place when the time is right. It is very hard, but sometimes all that is required of us is to just trust in time. Don’t we often think back on some chapters of our life and say, “Thank God it happened that way”?

Things that are beyond our understanding today are also happening to us for a reason. A reason that only ‘time’ knows. Just like those things in the past that make sense to us today.

Let me give you an example. You woke up with a start, only to realise that your alarm had conked off and you have slept past your bedtime. You hurry through your chores, cursing the damned clock and rush out to catch your daily bus to work,  only to realise that you have missed the bus and now you will be undeniably late to work. You curse some more. But in a dramatic turn of events, you find out in the afternoon that the bus you missed in the morning met with a fatal accident. Now you thank your stars. Thank God, I wasn’t on that bus.

I am using such a dramatic example only to drive home a simple point. May be you weren’t meant to be on that bus. You felt that you were doomed in the morning. But by afternoon, ‘your alarm conking off’ and ‘you missing your daily bus’ make sense to you. When you look back on events, you are able to connect the dots.

Now that doesn’t mean that every time you will miss the bus or every time you will fail at something, there would be such a dramatic reason behind it. The reason might be big or small, but we must trust that it has happened for a reason.

Only if we could sneak a peek into our future on a whim, so many of our present queries will have answers, right? But things wouldn’t be half as exciting. What fun it would be to know everything today anyway? Knowing everything in the present might, in fact, be too overwhelming for our little mind and the information overload might just crash it.

So just like we never question why happy, pleasant, good things are coming to us, we should also try to come to terms with the unsavoury experiences. Because they are also happening to us for a bigger reason that will reveal itself later. They are also playing a small role in the film that life is! History is a witness to how some of the most unpleasant events in the past have acted as triggers and given rise to something so beautiful.

It is my feeling that Time ripens all things; with Time all things are revealed; Time is the father of truth – Francois Rabelais


12 thoughts on “Time will tell

  1. Hey Zinal, hope u fine and if not, things will be good coz good things happen to good people:) Thanks for the post coz this is what I need right now. Ive been through the bus incident twice, once in Mumbai in 2006 during the bomb blast and once I missed my bus in Mauritius where 12 or more people died.
    I feel so good reading this post, wishing something good will happen:)

  2. so true that! loved reading your blog after long..
    good topic too.. this happens more or less daily 😛
    loved that quote.. “time is the father of truth”!!

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