You amaze us Rahul Gandhi!

I don’t write about politics and politicians. But this time, I just have to. Trust the politicians to keep coming up with some crap or another to keep the media busy.

People have had a field day on Twitter yesterday, taking pot shots at the young (not so much) Gandhi czar for his infamous comment “poverty is just a state of mind.” Really?!

He does manage to irk us, doesn’t he?

Rahul Gandhi, in a discussion on Monday, said, “Poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean the scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence, then one can overcome poverty.” Looks like he was caught on a wrong foot, and clearly did not pause a moment for thinking before saying. I feel like shaking him up, splashing some cool water on his face so that he realizes what a stupid thing he has said.

It’s no wonder that this insensitive, stupid and unintelligent comment has garnered a quite a bit of backlash.

Well Mr. ‘Youth icon’ Gandhi, it’s easy to say so when you are nestled within the cool confines of your resplendent home, when all your basic and much more advanced needs are perfectly taken care of, when you have access to the best of everything in the world, when you haven’t gone a day without food, when you don’t have to worry about paying bills, and when you are miles away from reality.

Feels like he is just trying to shake his hands of his responsibility by calling poverty to be a thing of mind.


I tell you what – you know everything you say is going to be dissected and ripped to bits. So either pause to think before saying or take the Manmohan route to eternal silence. Isn’t silence golden?


7 thoughts on “You amaze us Rahul Gandhi!

  1. Silence is Golden or being Dumb is what keep me going should be the USP of Amul Baby Face. This idiot does not know when to open his f******* mouth and always end up speaking the wrong thing both at the wrong and right. Some of my journo friends in India told me you should never expect anything from Amul Baby Face.

  2. Rahul Gandhi is a lost man. The problem is he is being forced to become a politician which is definitely not a suitable profession for him. He should just say to his masters ‘look boss politics is not my cup of tea & i am not interested to carry on with it’. He should go to a psychiatrist for a complete assessment of his personality problems & his disability to think sensibly.

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