I am always stumped when someone asks me, “Which is the happiest day/moment of your life?” I am never able to come up with a convincing answer. I dismiss the question with some incoherent rambling.

There could be two reasons for this stumped-ness

1)      Either I haven’t had a day/moment till date that umm…blew my mind.

2)      Or I don’t know quite how to pick up a moment or a day from the deep trenches of my memory that could truly qualify to be the happiest.

So, does that mean that I have never had overwhelmingly-happy moments? It makes me sad to think that way. I have sure had happy moments. But that still doesn’t change the fact that I am not able to pick one.

May be that moment will come when I get something that I truly, truly desire. May be it is just an illusion. May be it is not.

How come some people (celebrities for example) have the perfect-sounding answers to this question? How do they choose one day or one moment from so many days or moments that they might have lived? I don’t know. May be when you achieve a certain level of success (a level that is a benchmark in your mind); you are the happiest you have ever been till that day. Someone may argue that success and happiness are not necessarily related. They can be mutually exclusive. May be. I don’t know.

May be, with time, I will have these answers. Doesn’t time have all the answers?

And in my defence:

When asked which my favourite colour is, I am never able to pick one colour over other either. I feel if I pick one colour, other colours feel left out.

So then does it just boil down to my deformed decision-making skills? If yes, this is definitely not a very flattering discovery.


6 thoughts on “Stumped-ness

  1. Nice one, meri gharwaali! 😉
    If generally you are having many good moments, its hard to choose just one! Which is actually a good sign. Thats how anyway I would look at it.

  2. I agree with Nikhil.. just like how you feel about colors, if you pick one happy moment all the others would appear to be less happy, which seems unfair. And at the end of the day picking the happiest moment is actually a very confining question. Someone who has had only few happy moments may be able to pick one, but you and me have lead an overall happy life so thats not possible. Thats why we can easily pick the saddest moments, because we have a defined set to chose from.


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