Subconscious Vs mind

Warning: This post is very different from the light and breezy ones I have written before. This will call for your attention and a little bit of self introspection. So put on your introspective hat before you get started.

Have you wondered how sometimes our subconscious already knows what is right from the wrong and what actually needs to be done, but our rational mind seems to be saying a totally conflicting thing and leads us to believe that logical thing is indeed the right thing to do as opposed to doing what our inner voice says?

Why is it that our hunch, our intuition, our inner most feeling, our first thought turn out to be correct more often as opposed to a logical, well-thought-out, rationally evaluated and analysed decision?

Why do we, more often than not, drown out that persistent little voice coming from inside us, the voice that already knows what we truly desire and what is the right thing to do, and instead choose to go with the voice of the mind? Only if we would listen to that soft voice inside us!

Do you find it surprising that how almost always we are seeking answers from others, asking other people for their opinion, buying other peoples’ approvals, when we already have all the answers within us? Is it because we are too chicken to go with what we truly want and feel? Because when we listen to others and things go wrong, we can always pass on the blame to others; and if we would listen to our own selves, we would have no one else to attribute the failure to.

Spending time with oneself should be the most natural thing to do. Then why is it that we are often scared to do some much-needed soul searching, spend some quiet time with our own selves, prod our deepest feelings, and face those uncomfortable thoughts that we have shoved right at the back?

Why do we try to dismiss that meek but steady inner voice by calling it as just a wishful thinking?

Our subconscious is so strong and so sharp that it catches all kinds of signals and energies much, much before our logical mind is able to grasp and process information that presents itself. Have you noticed how when we meet new people, we already know whether we are going to like them or not in our subconscious? But we still go the logical way, not wanting to judge someone too soon, or not wanting to have any prejudices or not wanting to form opinions right at the start? We want to give the person the benefit of the doubt and then somewhere down the line we realise that out first reaction and our gut instincts were indeed correct. I don’t know about others, but this has happened to me quite a few times to not write here about it.

Have you realised that there is always an exchange of energies when two people meet, the field between them is always charged, negatively or positively? When they talk, when their eyes meet, these energies are exchanged. Is that why we instantly feel uncomfortable in certain people’s companies? They ooze negative aura. Their smile is belying and even their positive words sound a tad bit malicious? So when your mind wants to believe that ‘belying’ positivity they seem to be faking, your subconscious has already caught a foul whiff?

And then just on the other hand, why do we feel so light and happy in some other people’s company? They have a positive cling to their sound. We love to be surrounded by them, we like their company. Any guesses, why?

They say that God resides within each one of us. Some scriptures say that our subconscious is indeed God. Then why don’t we listen more often to this inner God?


7 thoughts on “Subconscious Vs mind

  1. such a beautiful departure from the usual post and totally worth the effort, Zinal. Human beings have a fickle mind and we tend to shy away from listening to the inner voice, the voice of truth. It so happens to me when I meet new people, I know that I may or may not like them..postive/negative vibe. I back out from those spreading negative energy. Totally love this one:)

    • Oh ya, you can really tell when people are radiating negative energy. The back of your neck prickles and it gives you that uneasy feeling. Over the years I have understood that the best thing to do is disassociate yourself from people who are constantly cribbing, complaining, bitching, gossiping and finding faults with everything. It does you a world of good.

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