Touching base with my former self

When you know you have a long weekend coming up, the whole week counting up to Friday seems to go by in an accelerated motion, doesn’t it? It does for me. I couldn’t wait for Friday to come, and once it was upon us, I couldn’t wait for the working part of it to end.

We celebrated a long weekend here in NZ…Monday being a public holiday on account of queen’s birthday. It was a much needed break; for there were a lot of things remaining to be stricken off my to-do list. I have said before, haven’t I, that routine wholly sucks you in it, and envelopes you in its comforting arms, till one day you suddenly realise that days have melted into weeks and weeks into months before you got anything out of the routine done?

I decided that I will turn a few things around in my life this weekend. All it takes is come planning. During my lunch break in office, I took out a sticky note and made a list of things I want to do over the weekend.


Thus started my weekend.

Friday after office, I dragged TCG into a good home furnishings store where a good sale was in progress. I had a separate list of things to buy, nicely tucked away in my pocket. Of course I didn’t show him that list until we got there, thinking he will flip out or something. But turns out, he didn’t. There are things you have to buy, so you HAVE to buy. You can procrastinate buying for a while, but the need will keep raising its ugly head till you have made that purchase.  Surprisingly, TCG was only too willing. Pots, pans, pillows, sofa cushions, towels, umbrella, ladles, glasses, bowls and such other essentials were finally bought. And that brought me one step closer to making my house look like a home. When we returned home late, we were just waiting to get through a quick dinner (making and eating) and crashed to bed soon thereafter.

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling fresh and rejuvenated, having slept 3 hours past my normal wake up time. I made us my favourite cup of ginger tea and proceeded to make that lip-smacking eggless sponge cake that had been bookmarked quite a while ago. For once, I turned off the calorie-calculator in my mind that I have come fitted with, and did not shy away from using as much butter as the recipe demanded. I beat the sugar and butter till it was nice and fluffy, I saw the batter pour itself nicely into a greased tin in exactly the same consistency as desired, I saw the cake rise proudly in the oven, I saw the crust browning nicely and I basked in the aroma wafting through my kitchen… just like the one that catches your nose every time you pass by a bakery. And the end result was … fingerlicious (I have just coined that word).

For dinner I made us Pizza…from scratch, including the base. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, right? It is this necessity that drove me to this point of getting up and about and doing it all myself. You just get one kind of veg pizza here and that too at a ridiculously expensive price. So I put on my chef’s apron and got started on the job. A wonderfully well kneaded and well risen dough, a perfectly made base sauce and a wide assortment of toppings including tomatoes, onions, peppers, zucchini, corn, mushrooms, green olives, and of course mozzarella sprinkled with oregano and paprika ensured a blissfully yummy pizza which was devoured in no time. I gave it slight a Mexican twist by throwing in some kidney beans.


I went back to bed happy and exhausted. This is what success must feel like, I mused. The joy of creation is unparalleled, and perhaps the sweetest taste you would want to savour.

Sunday was slow and lazy. We went to Iskon’s Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple, met a lot of fellow Indians, made a few connections and spent a couple of hours listening to the Bhagwat Gita. It was nice and peaceful, and as a matter of fact, we do practice Hinduism; but both TCG and I are not convinced about being part of any particular sect or a cult and devoting all our Sundays to this. We don’t want to be bound by anything…and least of all religion.
Sunday evening was again spent in the kitchen, making TCG’s favourite Indian dish this time. Another happy, lazy day spent doing things we like.

But it has to be Monday that had me the most excited.  This thing was on mind for a while and I did not want to push doing this any further. I realized there wouldn’t be a better time for this than this. We are nestled in the lap of scenic beauty, and if this is not inspiring enough, nothing else ever would be. And the final push came when TCG told me to act upon this tugging wish and waste no further time.

Painting that is…God knows how many hours I had put in in this art in my growing up years. I was quite good at it in school. I loved painting. It was my way of unwinding and rejuvenating. Every Sunday I used to paint for hours. In my class, I was probably the only excited student about our art class. I completed everyone else’s drawing assignments. Happily obliging. It made me really happy.

Then somewhere along the years, it kept getting pushed back towards the end of all priorities. And I completely lost touch.

So yesterday, I went to the store and bought myself colours, art paper and some fine brushes. I am not so good any more. But I want to revive this lost passion. Let’s see how successful I am. I hope I do not lose out on steam very soon. Sometimes, I start things with a bang, but often give up mid-way. I don’t intend to this time.  I don’t want to lose out on motivation. I don’t want an easy way out.

I am finally so, so happy to touch base with my former self. I am a happy girl at the moment.


6 thoughts on “Touching base with my former self

  1. Ey gharwaali. Oo gharewaali.. 😛
    Well this is so good to know. I am happy that you are happy. Now happily paint your will. Just don’t forget me in all that excitement. 😉

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