Playing House

I am sure as little girls, we all must have played house (ghar ghar) at some point in time or other. Remember that make believe game where we behaved like grownups and where we dressed up to look like a mommy or a daddy? Going to work as daddy does and cooking in kitchen as mommy does and scolding and disciplining children as parents do?  We played our parts to perfection like seasoned, method actors. Keenly observing how our mommy and daddy behave and noting down all the finer nuances to play their part perfectly while playing house. What fun that used to be! I remember playing house for hours with my girl pals (and sometimes guy pals also, though they will outright reject to admit that now) every summer holidays. We had a play kitchen set as well, with all the little vessels and the miniature fridge and the cooking range and plastic food. I remember we all wanted to play the important roles of that of a mommy or a daddy and no one wanted to play the role of a child. Hence, we used to take turns in playing mommy and daddy and make our dolls and the Barbie play the role of children.

Back then, we couldn’t wait to grow up and be an adult, could we? I used to think how cool the world of grownups is! You don’t have to do your homework, you don’t have to go to school, you don’t have to be scolded and disciplined, you don’t have to be told that it’s time for bed and you don’t have to be told to stop watching TV.

And now that I am a grownup, I wish I was a child again, where all I had to do is worry about going to school and doing my homework, sip lemonade and watch Tom and Jerry, play house and scold the Barbie for not doing her homework, bring the roof down by shouting, playing, fighting, jumping around during holidays and driving the mother up the wall.

But it was all going very well. Till last week. Since TCG and I live alone; far, far away from home, it felt like I was playing house once again. But this time for real. He played the role of a husband (on the lines of daddy), who goes to work and worries about paying the bills and I played the role of a wife (on the lines of mommy), where I busy myself with all the household chores cooking, cleaning laundry and the sundry.

Then last week, I started working once again. And my carefully observed schedule of previous two months went for a major toss. I suddenly realized that playing house in real is not easy. Waking early, dressing up, eating breakfast on the go, rushing off to work, spending a busy day in office, coming back, cooking supper, cleaning, and running several errands in between…welcome to the real adult world.

Till few months ago my major worries included what to do on a weekend, what dress to wear, what class to join, where to meet my friends, and which party to go.

Cut to 2013.

Now I worry about what to cook, what vegetables to buy, taking stock of what things we are running out of in kitchen, what toiletries need to be replaced, doing laundry, dishes, dusting, cleaning the house and ironing clothes (which I never did in India; you can outsource this for very cheap back home, you can even have someone pick it up and drop it back for cheap).

This whole weekend went by in a frenzy doing household chores that we ignored during the week. It’s like the clock in my head is constantly ticking. If I don’t hurry up with a, I won’t have enough time to do b. If I don’t do b now, then I won’t get it done till next weekend. That means I will have to go a week without b. So I better hurry up with a, so that I have enough time to do b. You get it right? If I over sleep on weekend, then something that needs to be done will definitely be left out. And so on.

Reading, writing, blogging, watching TV, reading news, cooking fancy…have taken a hit. But once I get settled in my new routine, I am sure I will make time for these too.

And really speaking, it’s not all that bad. I love being busy and am enjoying every minute of this new busy life. I go back to bed tired, but satisfied. It helps that TCG doesn’t shy away from helping me at all. He helps me a little in everything. Together we are doing just fine. What with all the practice I have had during my growing up years playing house, I should be doing fine, shouldn’t I?


10 thoughts on “Playing House

  1. Zinal, bachpan ke din jyon nahin aata..I did played a father chracacter only to be shifted back to play the son..hehehe..double role and the gals were shifting ma roles..I had no say and it was fun. As kids, we were such spontaneous actors. Gosh! Ur post relived those innocent days free of manipulation, ruthlessness and struggle.

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