First Day at Work

After a long time, I was back in office. It was a first day at work today. In a new city, in a new country. It felt different. Different good. People were dressed differently and yes, the office environment was a far cry from the one I was used to in Mumbai. Very relaxed and laid back. Welcome to NZ.

I was my usual calm, composed and confident self; excited about finally getting a chance to get out and about. I have been holed up at home for the last two months here, and have had hardly any chance to make any new acquaintances or friends. So I saw this as my big chance to network, to learn, to earn and set my foot in the door.

To say that I was overwhelmed with the information overload would be an understatement. But then, that’s how first days are, aren’t they? Introductions and inductions and more introductions and more inductions: HR induction, Team Induction, IT induction, Office Induction etc. etc. All in all, it was a fun first day, getting introductions and being introduced.

This place has people from all over the globe working here. America, UK, Germany, China, India, Fiji Island, Sri Lanka, and of course the locals. And boy, it really is a bit of a challenge to understand everyone’s accents correctly. It’s very easy to get the American and the European accents correctly, thanks to all the T.V. and all the movies that we watch. It is the local Kiwi accent that is rather difficult to get. For Instance, they pronounce ‘e’ as ‘i’. So yes, in the beginning, you really have to listen closely. You know, you don’t want to end up all odd and gawky when they make a joke and you don’t laugh because you don’t quite understand.

The day was spent getting acquainted at the office, exploring the place, settling in at my desk, figuring the e-mails, and the intranet, and the communication system here, remembering some half a dozen passwords to access various things, and the likes. Pretty much the normal first-day-stuff.

But it looks like I am going to keep real busy now and coming back to blog very often might be a little difficult, but I will surely make time to be as regular as possible.

P.S.: You can wish me luck, btw.


15 thoughts on “First Day at Work

  1. Fly in the plane of AMBTION & Land in the airport of SUCCESS…….. LUCK is urs , wish is mine……..May ur FUTURE always SHINE…. GOOD LUCK

  2. Hey … Isn’t it like awesome? I am sure you must be feeling quite good .. aaha…better …I think the BEST !!!

    I won’t wish you luck as I don’t believe in it..!!!

    I will definitely wish you a good and bright future !!!

    Enjoy !

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