Cute Act

The other day TCG caught me off guard by a cute little surprise. Just as I was finishing up the last of my dinner, he dropped his spoon mid-dinner, got up abruptly and started towards the kitchen. I thought he probably went in to get water or something.

When he came back, he had a gamcha (small napkin) on his shoulder, a steaming bowl of water in one hand, bottle of concentrated lime juice in another hand and a whimsical expression on his face.

He stood there for a few seconds, expecting a reaction from me and trying to get a firmer grip on the hot bowl to prevent it from slipping.

I raised my eyebrow demanding an explanation and started to get up to clear the dining table. He rushed to keep the bowl and the bottle on the table and hurriedly sat me back down…all the time grinning like a kid who is up to some mischief.

He cleared the area in front of me, and pushed the hot bowl in front of me.

Finger bowl, gamcha and the lime juice

Finger bowl, gamcha and the lime juice

Amused I asked, “WHAT?”

“Ever since you have come here, I get awesome, readymade meals without moving a muscle.”

My eyebrow raised a bit further, “Ahhaaa…So?”

“So I thought that….


Blurts out In a single breath “I thought that you probably would like to wash your hands here, right at the table…like we do in restaurants.”

Oh my….I was so amused, I couldn’t help smiling. I think it was very cute, the whole scene, the situation and the expression oh his face…not to forget the raju-style gamcha.

He puts a few drops of lime juice in to the bowl.

“And what is this lime juice for?”

“Yes, and that is because we are out of real lemons. So assume it to be a make-shift lemon slice.”

“And why are you doing all this?”

Rolls eyes at me, “Uffffff…can’t a husband just pamper his wife? Now ma’am if your questions are over, will you please proceed to wash your hands in here.”

I think my smile must have reached my ears. My heart officially melted 😛

I slowly put my hands into the bowl, checking the temperature of water at first.

“It’s not too hot, don’t worry.”

Just as I finish cleaning my hands, he rushes to give me that small gamcha from his shoulder to wipe my hands dry.

“Now smell…Don’t you smell all nice and lemony?”

I do exactly that and flash him a big toothy smile. My hands do smell all nice and lemony. Oh,  I love citrus fragrances!

“But you didn’t really have to get up in between your dinner. Come sit now, finish yours.”

“Oh that’s ok; I wouldn’t have missed that expression on your face for anything.”

Oh my…. And I melted once again.






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