Poem and I?

So I will tell you what exactly I have been up to for the last few days. Its endless shopping, so much so that its starting to become more tiring than exciting. Where is all the good stuff when you really want to buy? Sigh! Does it ever happen with you that when you really set out with the hope of buying something good, you never find anything worth its money? And when you strictly don’t want to buy anything, the various window displays seem so attractive that your feet are inadvertently drawn to the mall? It happens to me. All.The.Time.

Apart from shopping, I am starting to get a bit poetic also.  Here’s my first  third attempt at a  poem for the wedding invite card. And I will be very honest in stating that two of these lines here are a bit inspired 😛

So after all, she agreed to do his laundry
Just like he vowed to come home in time every night
And at the end of every fight
They will agree that she is always right
Oh boy! She found that he can clean and cook
And to say yes, not a moment she took
In sickness and health, she promised to be there
And in bargain he promised her, her Gucci and a few Solitaire
So the day has come now
When they will exchange their vow
That they have agreed to share a life
And instead of friends, call themselves man and wife


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