Girl at the signal

It’s a busy Monday afternoon. Cars are zooming past us. We are at the crossroads, waiting for the signal to turn red so that we can cross the damned road safely. The ‘we’ here includes my pretty friend and me. It’s the first day of the week and we are hurriedly out to grab a quick bite.

It is almost impossible for a girl to stand at the signal and not to be noticed. While we are waiting at the signal, trying to shield ourselves from the unrelenting afternoon sun, what I see leaves me highly amused. Inwardly, I chuckle. Almost everyone is sparing a look at us. Every boy, every young man, every uncle, every old man in the cars wheezing past us, on the bikes, in the autos is throwing a glance in our direction unfailingly. Some are trying to catch our attention rather openly, some are peering at us from under their lashes, some are coyly looking at us, and some are shamelessly sticking their head out of their window to get a full view of us, while some others are craning their necks to a threatening degree to get a good view of us.

In that moment, I understood some things, characteristically male. Actually, those ‘some’ things were always kind of obvious, but in that moment they became crystal clear to me. I am listing them down here:

  • Age of a man has got nothing to do with how he perceives a girl or a woman. Most men have that hungry look in their eye. The look that says…oh-so-I-can’t-touch-you-but-what-the-heck-I-can-at least-gape-at-you.
  • Most men, age no bar once again, will not miss out on an opportunity to check a girl out, no matter what circumstance.
  • If a girl is standing in a public place, men feel it’s rude on their part to ignore her. So they feel it’s their right to check her out very openly. They will shamelessly gawk at her, and won’t even take their eyes off her, even when she looks right back in their eyes.
  • Men feel that if she is standing on the road, she is demanding to be checked out.
  • Men will not fail to check unknown girls out on the road, even if they are accompanied by their partners. The partner will in turn sneer at the object of her man’s supervision.
  • Men will even make adjustments and even go out of their way to get a clear view of the girl on the road.
  • It doesn’t matter if the girl is pretty or not. But if she is average looking or slightly better than average looking, things only get worse for her and more interesting for those leeching men.
  • Some men even have innate virtual rape ability. They can rape you even by just looking at you.

No, this is not an angry post. I am just amused. Women are undoubtedly prettiest of the God’s creations. But oh boy! Seriously the kind of attention we get! Most of it is unwanted. It’s just makes me curious how men think. How openly they check us out without even battling an eyelid!

I am not saying attention is not welcome. It is. But only from desirable sources. Girls seek attention, and I will agree to that. No point being two-faced about it. But only from only those people who they fancy. Not from every prick, and definitely not every roadside Romeo.

To me, this has happened several times. Some leeches have even hooted and passed deriding remarks. Wonder if this has happened to you?


16 thoughts on “Girl at the signal

  1. I can’t disagree with a single point you’ve written here. 🙂 Well said! I wish and hope life would be easier for girls at signals. While saying so, I will not say that, I’ve never ever looked at someone standing at a railway station, airport, theater or any other public place. But, I do remember how many times I did this in my life. might be six to seven times. And I am sure I did not make someone uncomfortable with this behavior of my eyes, neither this behavior was intentional. It was like my eyes gently thanking them for their presence at the same place. 🙂
    But while saying so, I too find it difficult to digest people passing deriding remarks to a lonely girl walking on the street. But let me tell you, not every man does and behaves in the same way or roam in a public place having the hungry look in his eyes. Great post.

    • I have personally come across many pricks to come to this conclusion.. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few good men.. They are a rare species 🙂
      I think men have this natural talent/tendency… their eyes veer towards girls..magically i suppose..
      Thanks for lovely comments and stopping by once again 🙂

  2. I agree with Arindam. Its not only the signal but any and every place where a girl would experience this. And this is true with any man.

  3. Being out of India I can say this. These things happen in other countries too but not at such degrading limits. There is a difference between looking, peeping and staring at someone. And in India, men champion at the staring abilities. The problem, I believe is no one ever talks about it to men except other men, who only encourage to stare even more. Its like everyone is taking part in a staring contest.

    Having said that, good job Zinal. That was provoking!

    • hahaha… now you would know better, won’t you? Are you a champion too at staring abilities? 😛 Just curious 😉 And if you are staring at some specific girls, i am definitely curious to know the list.
      thanks for liking this 🙂

  4. Unfortunate truth it is, Zinal!!
    I have actually been on the other side of these cases. While reading this I recalled a recent incidence.. I was out with my friends, we just came out of a mall, where a few guys were staring at one of my female friends. When I stared at them with anger, one of them said, “sale tum log to sath me maze le rahe ho, aur hum dekh bhi nahi sakte”. I was fuming with anger and so indulged in a fight. And, still when I think about it, I feel is there any limit to moral degradation!
    Anyway, superb post!

    • Unfortunate indeed it is! Sigh!
      And really, there is a limit to how much filth someone’s mind can contain.
      I feel outrageous to even hear that comment for your friend..A******
      Thanks for liking the post 🙂

  5. Lol. Even my friends say that. Incl. guy friends. But I think even we look! The girls. No. I am perfectly alright 😛 But seriously, don’t you check out other gals? Not cos they are demanding! But u know wht am talkin abt. We are so pretty mahn! 😀

    • Yes yes we look… and we look for obvious reasons 😛
      But then, we at least how ‘not’ to be caught looking, when to look away and normal etiquette stuff
      Thanks for the visit 🙂

  6. Guy protip:
    If you get caught staring at a chic – Flash a smile and then exactly three fourth of a second later make the a-okay sign[]. Then carry on with whatever you are doing/wherever you are going.

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