Strange little problem…(edited to add)now resolved!!

I have no clue how this happened. But it did. And it made a small dent in my otherwise cheerful mood.

I remember having about 480 followers here on my blog till just three days ago. And now the followers have suddenly come down 77, all at once. How is this possible? Obviously, about 400+ wouldn’t decide to unfollow me at once.

Over the last couple of months, I have seen the nos. grow. I have seen my followers steadily increasing from 300 to about 480. And now the no. is 77. Obviously that pinches. Because with every new follower, I felt a little more confident, it gave me little more encouragement to blog often, it said that there are people out there who read and comment regularly, who connect with what is say and how i feel.

As a gawky beginner, with no community, no followers and no encouragement whatsoever, when I began this journey of blogging, little did I realize that soon I will have a few hundred people liking what I write, commenting and coming back for more every time I post something.

Surely this is not a ‘strategic’, ‘grave’ problem of great concern to humanity that warrants a ‘strategic little’ meeting or a round-table conference with who’s who of the world. But surely it is of some concern to me, as it got my soaring spirit somewhat down.

Could this be possibly some error on part of wordpress?  Or did the followers just disappear into thin air? Or is it a technical glitch?

If it is, I hope it gets resolved asap.
If its not, and the no. is not going to correct itself, then what do I say. I have to start afresh.

Any clue??! Any idea why??!


13 thoughts on “Strange little problem…(edited to add)now resolved!!

  1. Hey Zee don u worry !!!!! 🙂 Must be a technical error for sure!!!!!! Soon you will have a long list following your blogs 🙂

  2. Do not worry Zinal. You have a large group of readers with you now. The numbers and stats are not going to change much for you as a writer. 🙂

    Now to talk about your problem, I hope you have connected your blog to your social networking sites either Facebook or Twitter. If so, then by default your number of followers was showing the number by adding your WordPress followers to your Facebook and twitter friends. Now may be your social networking sites somehow got disconnected. You may check that one in the sharing settings of your admin page. When I just started blogging the moment I intentionally separated my blog from my Facebook account, the number of followers started showing only my WordPress followers and email followers. Do let me know if it worked for you!

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