FB Chats


This is purely a work of fiction, any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental


Chat 1: With an old school friend

10.20 Me: Hey

10.21 Amy: Hey Zinal 🙂

10. 21 Me: Wassup Amy, long time

10.22 Amy: Nothing much, its work as usual. How have u been?

10.24 Me: I have been good, thank you 🙂

10.24 Amy: It’s been ages that we met

10.25 Me: I swear

10.26 Amy: what have you been up to??

10.28 Me:  it’s pretty much the office-home-office routine

10.30 Amy: Hmm

10.35 Me: So what’s happening on the personal front?

10.41 Amy: it’s complicated

10.42 Me: hmm

10.52 Amy: Ok then, cya, gtg ..ttyl

10.53 Me: bye


Chat 2: With that new interesting boy in office who flirts with you

21.06 Arjun: hey lady

21.06 Me: Hey Arjun 🙂

21.06 Arjun: Wassup? Had dinner?

21.07 Me: Just did… How about you?

21.07 Arjun: Well… I am still making it

21.07 Me: Are you trying to tell me that YOU can cook?

21.08 Arjun: Oops, did I just give that away? I thought I will save this bit of detail for later 😉

21.08 Me: haha… well… why should I believe you?

21.08 Arjun: You will see that for yourself, perhaps… someday 😉

21.09 Me: Aah…are you trying to say something here? 😛 Coz, I am reading between the lines

21.09 Arjun: haha 😉

21.10 Me: Btw what?

21.10 Arjun: Did I tell you that ‘purple’ is your colour?

21.11 Me: scratching my head to remember that

21.11Arjun: haha

21.11 Me: no, you haven’t told me that…yet 😉

21.12 Arjun: Well Zinal, purple is your colour then… I think you should change your wardrobe to purples

21.12 Me: haha… well thank you. But if I change my whole wardrobe to purples, it wouldn’t be half as interesting … it will soon be boring  😛

21.13 Arjun: May be you are right… Actually, I think it’s not about the colour.. its about YOU 🙂

21.13 Me: haha…are you trying to flirt?

21.14 Arjun: oh Shit, is it that obvious?

21.14 Me: hahaha

21.15 Arjun J I can sense something

21.15 Me: May be whatever that you are cooking is burning 😛

21.16 Arjun: ouch…

21.16 Me: haha…maybe you should check on your dinner

21.17 Arjun: Wow, we think alike

21.17 Me: lol
okay.. I gtg .. cya tomo in office

21.18 Arjun: okay cya.. I better go know before my dinner burns.. bye

21.18 Me: Bye


 Chat 3: With that irritating guy who hits on you

22.15 Gautam: Hey Zinal

22.19 Me: Hello Gautam

22.19 Gautam: Wassup beautiful?? 😉

22.25 Me: well… nothing much.. you tell me

22.25 Gautam: Why are you taking so long to reply??!!

22.30 Me: Umm.. poor internet connectivity.. I keep going offline

22.30 Gautam: but you appear online to me

22.33 Me: don’t know why

22.33 Gautam: So I was thinking

22.36 Me: please don’t think Gautam

22.36 Gautam: haha funny you

22.40 Me: 😛

22.40 Gautam: it’s been a while we met, why don’t we meet for coffee?

22.50 Me: Umm well… we could, but am keeping very busy these days… work pressure

22.50 Gautam: hmm.. then we should really go in that case.. you can unwind

22.58 Me: well may be some other time

22.58 Gautam: okay J So what else is happening at your end??

23.07 Gautam: Helllllooooooo

23.16 Gautam: you there?

23.19 Gautam: I am sure you are online.. I can see that

23.25 Me: Oops sorry… went off to take a call .. Anyway nice talking …Tc Gn

Zinal is now offline


Chat 4: With your nosy relative

15.03 Pammy: Hello beta

15.04 Me: Hello Auntyji… kaise hain aap?

15.05 Pammy: All good beta.. all good
So long, have not seen you

15.07 Me: Haan Aunty … have been busy

15.08 Pammy: I saw your pictures.. nice you look.. but itni dubli kaise ho gayi tum…Khana nai khaati kya?

(Zinal panics…which pictures is Aunty talking about)

15.10 Me: haha thank you aunty.. I am the same.. not thin .. not fat

15.15 Pammy: Met your mom in the market on Tuesday

15.17 Me: Really? That’s nice 🙂

15.18: Pammy: I have suggested a guy to her, did she tell you about him

(Zinal Groans.. not again)

15.19 Me: Really? No she hasn’t… but aunty I am too young yet.. what’s the rush

15.20 Pammy: Every girl says that… you should marry when the time is right

(Zinal sighs..why am I even having this conversation.. should I just say bye)

15.23 Pammy: You there, beta?

15.25 Me: ya aunty.. I will think about it..

15.27 Pammy: good girl you are…jhappi

15.28 Me: J Okay Aunty.. baad main baat karte hain.. mere class ka samay ho gaya hai.. bye bye

15.30 Pammy: bye beta.. give my regards to mummy

15. 32 Me: sure aunty.. bye










25 thoughts on “FB Chats

  1. Xcllnt !!!….
    I’m more interested to knw abt those two office characters…. 😛 (Though, u mentioned abt no resemblance… But even for imagination, there is a source…. 😉 )

    • haha.. no Shrini… this is fictional.. its my imagination really 🙂 And hello.. are there any guys worth flirting?
      Thanks for liking this..but i was talking about my earlier post

  2. 3rd chat..its awesome..its real..n i jus cudnt stop laughing..n d time difference u showed between the chats is superb man..u have taken care of each n every aspect..hats off zinal 🙂

    • haha.. thanks so much Kaustubh.. i was really really hoping people see the time difference… that’s the part i was hoping people notice.. Glad you did and understood the hidden meaning behind it..
      Thanks for always taking time out and stopping by 🙂

  3. Ha Ha! One of the most entertaining post I have ever read. 🙂 Excellent! That’s why I usually do not chat with people usually, because either the other person will think that here’s new interesting boy in office who flirts with her or that irritating guy who hits on her. It’s actually really difficult to find that perfect balance. 🙂
    Great post. Keep up the great work and keep on entertaining us with your creativity and your writing.

    • Thank you so much Arindam 🙂
      I am surprised myself that this post has been liked by one and all 🙂 I was actually in doubts before posting this.. will people get the hidden meanings, will people notice the subtleties.. I am glad it went noticed :)I just wanted people to read this with a smile on their faces
      Thanks for visiting and thanks for all the encouragement..

  4. Gal: hey……
    Guy: hey……
    Gal: wsup?
    Guy: nthng much.
    no exchange of words fr few mins……..
    Gal: i ws just abt to call u.
    Guy: 🙂
    Gal: i rly wnts to say sumthn. It fes little weird bt i cnt face u while sayng dis…….thts y im telng u here. Can i?
    Guy: plzzzzzzz…….
    Gal: ………
    Guy: say!
    Gal: i love u! I cnt live without u. & i wnt to marry u……. Omg!
    Guy: wht
    Gal: yeh yeh yeh yeh.
    Guy: beta! Ur lover is in bathroom & hvng hard tym der. I will
    pass dis msg to him.
    Gal: whose dis?
    Guy: his father:-P
    Gal: wht the f…………y didnt u said dis earlier?
    Guy: beta i am lukng fr sum1. So gt dis idea to go socially.
    Gal: i cn help u to find tht person. If u want to……
    Guy: really?
    Gal: yeah dad:-P
    Guy: her name is xxxxxxx
    Gal: wht? Thts my mom! U jfnfnfnfnfnfn fbffbfbfnnnmahfhs

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