Ever Wondered why










Why on the day of your dream job interview, the shirt you planned to wear is not quite well ironed?

Why is the queue a little longer than usual when you clearly are running late?

Why only you get a ticket for jumping signal, when the others are clearly wheezing past you?

Why you have a bad hair day when you really want to look your best?

Why does it rain that very day when you forgot to take your umbrella? Wasn’t it too sunny to rain?

Why it doesn’t rain when you take your umbrella? Wasn’t it so gloomy you thought it would rain any moment?

Why you forget to take that particular book to school in spite of teacher repeatedly reminding you to bring it without fail?

Why you end up staining your favourite shirt in spite of being extra careful not to drop anything on it?

Why does the mother find out that very thing that you tried so hard to hide?

Why does the wife find out that pack of cigarettes in your bag, when it clearly only belongs to your friend?

Why you invariably end up missing the start of that very movie you never wanted to miss?

Why does your phone conk off, when you really needed the battery to last for a few desperate minutes?

Why do you forget to wish that very person whose birthday you clearly remembered till one day before?

Why do you drop ink in spite of being consciously careful of not dropping it?

Why do you crave for something that is clearly absent from your fridge?

Why does the maid decide to take an off on the day you were very sure that she will turn up?

Why does the sale end on that very day you decide to go shop?

Why does your friend find out that hidden something just before you were about to tell her?

Why do you always forget something behind when you change to a new bag?

Why do you never find an auto/taxi when you need one quickly?

Why do you always see exciting/beautiful things when you have strongly decided not to shop?

Why do you never see exciting stuff, when you go out with the real intention of shopping?

And this my friends is a category winner…why do you never find a pen when you need one?


8 thoughts on “Ever Wondered why

  1. Brain teaser…. fun read… keep it up…

    Sounds like Murphy’s Law——-
    * Why does the bread falls and lands always on the buttered side?
    * Why the balls rolls to the most inaccessible corner of the room?, etc…

  2. i think the day wen we actually except tht “yes this happened to me for a reason or nt’. i think tht day sum of these questions get reduced by itself. contradictory effect

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