India Shining, really?

Kudos to Aamir Khan! For spreading awareness about yet another brilliant subject. His choice of films has always been unique, and subjects very well researched. And his TV debut was no different. He has always dared to touch upon sensitive issues and portrayed his roles convincingly with such panache and confidence that they never fail to touch the right chords. Be it the issue of dyslexia, be it the issue of rotten education system in India or be it simply the matter of boosting tourism…he does know his craft well.

Satyamev Jayate, I feel and am sure many will agree with me, is a very promising show. And no I am not talking about show’s popularity from the TRP point of view, but am talking about the show from the point of view of its mission. To touch upon issues, which we love to sweep under the carpet and issues we turn a blind eye to… is a great idea, and considering his popularity, his mass appeal and his ability to tell a story convincingly only adds merit to the show.

I was zapped to know the scale on which female foeticide is carried on in India. I was shocked to know how doctors, the-supposed-saviours of lives and who Indians treat next to God, were involved in this racket for the lure of some quick bucks. What was even more appalling is to know that highly educated and so-called elite of the urban areas are shamelessly involved in this.

Though there is in no justification for treating women like baby producing machines and torturing them for producing a male offspring, I can for once still digest, albeit with difficulty, that such incidences happen commonly in villages. But what I absolutely can’t digest is that even well educated, urbane men enjoying a cushy life style, also are treating their women so poorly, tormenting them, branding them with scalding iron, making their lives hell, throwing acid on their faces and expecting them to keep on reproducing until they beget a male child. What these men and their mindless families don’t realise is that it’s not the woman’s but the man’s chromosome that determines the gender of the child.

If I were to just start listing the heart wrenching stories of the helpless women that I have heard in my life time, I will run out of paper. There have been so many embarrassing stories that it makes me wonder if we really are in 21st century. The epithet ‘shining’ in the much talked about ‘India Shining’ dream, seems to be mocking at us.

And the real issue is much deeper. Those females who are not killed in the womb are not really lovingly welcomed into the world either. As they grow, they face discrimination at every stage. At every stage in their life, they are given a secondary status. Why? Why is a girl treated as a burden? For how many more years will she have to prove her mettle?

The alarming statistics of female foeticide in India is a real dampener and leaves much to be desired if we really want to be a first-world country. The sliding sex-ratio is not healthy and i don’t have to tell why. India can truly shine only if each one of us takes it upon him/herself to make this change happen, to stop this indiscrimination, to treat women with dignity and respect and to make this society more friendly for women as well.

Just because we don’t see many such incidences openly around us, doesn’t mean they are not happening. Let us not be disillusioned that it happens only in villages. Because such crimes can’t happen without the active support of the educated people like doctors and chemists who are intrinsic parts of this network.

As individuals, i realise we cant do much. But the least we can do is support people who are taking pains to make this change happen. We can surly vote and actively support this show. We can show sensitivity and help women, who we know are at the receiving end. I am sure, together we can!


13 thoughts on “India Shining, really?

  1. dude apne yaha pe itna mass hain na, we need many heroes like him…though he gets 3 crore per episode is a different story 😉 , how can we spread it selflessly is the issue?

    i feel curing smthin tht is already spread is far more difficult thn the efforts taken to not let it enter the system, so all this shld be put in the education system is wht i feel..

  2. Ok………firstly im nt gvng any feedback on dis topic. few days ago one of MY writer friend told me something about a book. “she is not an mba’ hope u knw what im talking abt :p. he told me tht accidently he saw dis book on amazon in sum kindle section. so i asked him abt the author. he told me some bhadra. i asked him again though i have sum hearing problem. so he said sum bhadra. i askd him to find out. after a few min he said zinal bhadra. i gt shockd tht tym. bcz i knw what bhadra means………bt he dosen’t :d. after a few days i searched ur book on google………..and guess what? ur book is everywhere.

    i dnt knw whether india is shining or not………… but bhanushali’s are definately shining

  3. if im nt mistaken……ru a member of mantra gym? dis is kinda weird……we obviously dnt knw each other bt definately saw each other der. :p

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