Mommy I Love you!!

Hi Mommy,

Wassup? How are you doing? 🙂

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Actually, I read somewhere, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, you can fool some people all the time; but you can’t fool your mom.” Isn’t that true mom? I can’t help but imagine your smug face during such situations. That I-told-you-so-expression on your face. No matter how smart we might try to be in front of you, but you always beat us at our game. You, somehow, always know what is happening in our lives and what is running in our minds.

Sometimes I wonder mommy, what we would have done without you? You are so omnipresent in our lives that we almost forget that you exist. Isn’t that very paradoxical?

I read a very beautiful story the other day, about how selflessly a mom goes through her day, doing one thing after another, just so that her kids can get the best of everything and have an ideal growing up environment. Reading the story actually made me sit back and think about all those things that you have been doing for us and how we have been taking them for granted. Now that I started thinking about all the thankless jobs you have been doing for us, I feel that all the ink and paper in the world will run out, if I were to list them down. But nonetheless, here’s the laundry list:

So mommy for all the times you let go off your share of pie, to give us an extra share-thank you 🙂

For all the times you stayed up nights, so that we could stay up and study-thank you 🙂 I love you.

For all the times you baked us cakes, and we devoured them – thank you. They were the best cakes of my life. The taste still lingers.

For all the times you were anxious, because we were sick – thank you. Without your love, nurture and care, we wouldn’t be healthy and sound today.

For all the zillion wonderful meals that you cooked for us – mommy thank you.  No matter how many times i try to replicate those favourite dishes, the magic always seems to be missing. It will never compare to yours.

For all the times you made my favourite fruit custard mommy- thank you. You remember how i used to keep opening the refrigerator to check if it was chilled enough to eat.

For all the times you sat beside us and made us study – thank you. I owe all my success and learning to you mama.

For all the times you washed, ironed and organized our clothes mommy-thank you. Now when I do that on my own, I realise how much I took that for granted.

For all the times you made our bed and put us to sleep and for all the lullabies you sang to us in our childhood – Mommy thank you. Sometimes I still find myself humming them unconsciously.

For all the times you and dad took us on vacations mommy – thank you. Each day is still so fresh in my mind; I can almost perfectly replay those memories in my mind. Those were the best days of my life.

For all the candies, chocolates and ice-creams that you bought us mommy – thank you. I could see the delight on your face at the sparkle in our eyes.

For all the times you shielded us, when dad scolded us – thank you mommy 🙂 You could really understand us and our position.

For all the times you let me go out and party, in spite of knowing that you would have to tackle dad’s questions –thank you mom. I was so touched by the confidence you had in me.  You knew I would never do anything wrong and bring shame to our family name.

For all the times you scolded us, and tried to make me us understand the right and the wrong – Thank you mommy 🙂 Those scolding have made us more reasonable and rational humans today.

For all the time you sacrificed your needs, to provide for us mommy – thank you 🙂 I can never pay you back, no matter how hard i try.

For all the times you hugged us, kissed us and moved our hair out of our eyes to kiss our foreheads mommy-thank you 🙂 I love you too.

For all the values, morals and sense you imbibed in us mommy-thank you. Because of those values, I am able to hold my own today.

For all the bed time stories you told us mommy – thank you. I promise I will be sharing the same with my kids 🙂

And mommy,

For all the times I let you down – I am sorry. I didn’t mean to.

For all the times I shouted at you – I am sorry. I shouldn’t have.

For all the wrongs I unintentionally did – You know I am sorry.

For all the times I wasn’t there for you – Sorry. I will try to make up for it as much as I can.

For all the times I drove you up the wall – sorry. I was just your little child.


We owe our life to you, and you have made us what we are today. We can’t imagine a day without you and you are the HERO of our life.

Love you so so so so so much Mom 🙂 Be hale and hearty always 🙂

You are our guiding star,
You are the reason we are,
You are the epitome of Love,
To you our Life we owe,
You taught us to run,
In the bright summer sun,
You showed us the way,
When we were steering away,
Because you taught us to read,
We can provide for our needs,
You imbibed in us all the morals,
You deserve all the laurels,
If Love is God,
You are our God!

Yours Favourite,



8 thoughts on “Mommy I Love you!!

  1. hey zinal..indeed a touching article…being a mother i can go through all the above said emotions… when my mother used to deny something i always used to think that she doesn’t understand my needs.Today when i do the same to my son i realise how difficult it would have been for her to do the son would cry for chocolates n i will try to divert his attention…trust me it is very difficult to see ur flesh n blood crying n that too when u know that that one chocolate will make him smile, but then it is for his good that i don’t give him those chocolates..this is just hte beginning…if it had not been for our mothers we would have ruined our lives..happy to be a housewife and spend quality time with my kid…..u can just go on writing…..i don’t want to end this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Good One… 😀

    My mom is like a lifeline. Like something essential for survival. Witout her, i don’t know what the hell I would do.

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