Wish you all a happy happy year ahead!!

The New Year has begun. And the hangover is cured by now, hopefully. We are all back in office and trying to break out of the holiday mood. I was just doing a little bit of thinking (I realised I haven’t been doing that as often as I should) and was analyzing the peculiar pattern of behaviour that people show at the close of the year and at the beginning of the year.

The last day of any year is usually filled with nostalgia, whether you like to admit it or not. We all tend to do a little bit of soul searching, little bit of introspection. We fondly remember the good moments and classify instances that should straight away go to the recycle bin. The entire year flashes in front of our eyes and we inadvertently feel how quickly the time just passes by. We think about the embarrassing moments that we survived and also the mistakes we made. We analyse some more. We realise that we could have avoided certain fiascos. We tend to pause, take a stock of life and see where it is headed in the New Year. We also tend to go a little bit more in the past and compare our last day of so many years that went by, and how with each passing year we grew into a different person; little more experienced and a little more wiser (though that’s not applicable to all; some people just refuse to grow up). Happens with you, right?

We all make New Year plans with our Friends and Family, buy costly booze, and go to costly venues and make elaborate plans to bring in the New Year, though technically it’s going to be just another day. We end up feeling cheated and robbed of our money, when the place starts cramming up and when it starts getting suffocating. This happens almost every year, and yet we plan to celebrate the last day in some fun way every year. Why? Because we are bored of the routine, we look for an excuse to celebrate. Human beings, by nature, are hopeful creatures. New Year brings in new hopes; hopes of realising all those incomplete dreams that we nurture in our heart. We cling to those hopes. It’s an excuse to forget rivalry, embrace old friends and new; and be optimistic about the future. It’s the time to give ourselves a big hug, to forgive ourselves for our mistakes, to pat our shoulder and to brace up for the coming year and new challenges.

With the advent of New Year, we invariably make the New Year resolutions. It’s the perfect time to start something that we were procrastinating for just too long. We always knew that someday we would have to do it. And New Year is a perfect time to start anything new. We set new goals and optimistic targets. Some of the most common New Year Resolutions that majority of the people make are:

• To lose weight

• To spend quality time with Family

• To be fit, practice Yoga.

• Give up addictions

• Earn more

• Nurture Hobbies

• Pay off debts

• Set out a portion for charity

• To find love (yes you read it right)

With a big adrenaline rush, we embark on the journey to fulfil our goals. But somewhere along the way, we run out of steam. The excitement and the energy fizzle out. Why? Because the routine catches up. We get so caught up in the daily life and all the mundane chores that we just live from one day to another, rather than living Life.

Something very deep and meaningful said by Steve Jobs comes to my mind. Each Morning, we must stand in front of the mirror and ask ourselves, if this was the last day of our life, would we spend it the same way we have planned? And if the answer is ‘no’ for too many days in a row, we know that we have to change something.

Life is so unpredictable. Hence, we should live it to the fullest. We should not procrastinate our duties and at the same time do not delay our happiness. For all we know, today is all we may have.

So let’s make the resolution to live our Life to the fullest, the way we like. It’s the only life we have after all. Let’s not be trapped by dogma and let’s not think what other people will say.Let other people’s opinions of us not drown out our inner voice.

I wish you all the best year ahead and hope that we all realise our goals and make a difference in the coming year. I welcome your comments.


13 thoughts on “Wish you all a happy happy year ahead!!

  1. nice & inspiring… i think people cant keep to their resolutions is coz “we all are creatures of HABIT” and it takes a hell lot of concious effort to unlearn what we have learned i.e. to replace good habits with bad habits…i think once we can do this we can fulfill all our resolutions…

    newaz keep up the nice writing work…cheers to new year..

  2. Well written and thanks for reminding us the importance of living each day like its our last. Three cheers to life.

  3. Zinal…loved it !!! and we shud promise each other that we will make a difference this year and make it worth remembering !!! and its rightly said that “Life is what we make out of it…..”

  4. i prefer the hangover man, as the routine which u mentioned is never gonna change , n we r gonna try doin the best @ work n thn some1s gonna come heads up to us n thn we ll have to work further hard so………its a vicious cycle. while as a hangover makes u DO different stuff everytime u have 1, so CHEERS!!!!

    NO OFFENCE to wht u wrote..just my view…gr8 way uve gt to keep new thoughts flowin, so keep up girl!!! 🙂

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