Hello friends!

Thank you all for taking time out and reading my blogs. And a big thank you also for such a warm response and for all the encouragement that you have shown. I am really humbled by your response.  🙂

Diwali is here again. It’s so beautiful and, without a doubt, my favourite festival. To me, it’s the queen of festivals…well…if there is such a possibility! In school, I am almost sure, every year we were asked to write essays on our favourite festivals and I always wrote about Diwali.

The entire ambience seems to be immersed in a golden hue, the soft yellow-golden gleam of diyas, the spectacular aerial fireworks, the arty rangolis, the sweets, the festivities, the zillion types of dishes which are simply so irresistible, the socialising, the exchange of good wishes, the feast, the new year wishes…everything about Diwali is beautiful. Ya, except the noise part from crackers.

It is the perfect excuse to indulge, to tuck in one more kaju katli, diet be damned. To go out with friends, to share fun, jokes and laughter over dinners, to meet chacha -chachi, mama-mami, masis, uncles and aunties, to catch up with close cousins and distant cousins. I remember, as kids we used to be so excited about the D-day. We used to get dressed in our new outfits which were especially bought for the occasion, and then barge into everyone’s home to wish them for the New Year. And this we did every year. It was so much fun. Pure and innocent. The various uncles and aunties forced sweets and toffees in to our mouths.  We kept a count of how many people we sought blessings (baksheesh) from. At the end of the day, we used to accumulate a good sum and used it to buy whatever it is that we wanted since a long time.

I think the overall air of optimism, the victory of good over evil and the hope for a better tomorrow is what makes Diwali special to most of us!

Wishing you all a very safe and happy Diwali and a prosperous new year!


3 thoughts on “Diwali

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