Gone are the days when apple was just a humble fruit. Now, the mere mention of apple conjures images of all the cool and fancy gadgets that Mr. Jobs introduced in our lives! That is what we call ‘Brand Value’. Every apple user will swear by how proud his product makes you feel. When you own one, and when you use one, a feeling very hard-to-describe surges in your heart. The feeling of amazement, the feeling of perfection, the feeling of surrender or the feeling of intimidation!  ‘Apple’ is synonymous with cutting-edge-technology and its revolutionary products. It changed the way we consumed music, it changed the way the conventional phone looked like, it changed the way we accessed information and it definitely changed the way we communicated. Always a little more…faster, always a little more…better!

I don’t want to say anything about ‘Apple’, the brand. No amount of explanation would do any justice to it, anyway. A lot has been written and spoken, and most importantly, experienced about it. And honestly ‘Apple’ doesn’t need us to tell anything for it; its stature does all the talking.

But what I do want to talk about is the person, Mr. Steve Jobs! The visionary, the founder, the leader, the thinker, the believer! I happened to read his commencement address to Stanford University in 2005, which went on to become one of his most coveted and inspiring speeches, where he talks about three life -changing events of his life!

To think that Jobs was put up for adoption! How difficult it is for a person to come to terms with the fact that his biological parents did not want him…for whatever reasons!  His life would have been completely different, had the circumstances been different. The point I am trying to make is that, he dealt pretty graciously with the fact that he was an ‘adopted’ child. He could have become a negative person and could have carried a bitter attitude all his life. But, he didn’t choose to. He chose to be the fighter, the survivor. And here, the credit definitely goes to his parents, the Jobs family! And to honour the wish of his biological mother, he did go to the college years later, only to drop out after a few months. Because he could not figure out his place in College. And he could not see any value addition in taking subjects that didn’t interest him. Knowing fully well that it would not really have any practical application in life, he took up Calligraphy classes. He didn’t know then that many years later he was to design those fonts in to his Mac and revolutionize the way typography is used in the world of computers. Looking back in retrospect, he finally was able to connect the dots. Like a piece of big jigsaw puzzle, everything fell in place. And all of this could become possible because of his one brave decision of dropping out and taking a different path.
P.S: I am not propagating the idea of dropping-out.

Ten years after starting a small company that operated out of the garage, and after tirelessly working and transforming it into a $2-billion giant; he got fired and was forced out of his own company; right at the pinnacle of success, when he already was a very-public figure. A normal person would have been bogged down by the serious turn of events. But we are talking about Steve Jobs here! After some sulking, he picked up the thread of his life once again and started afresh, from the scratch. He started two companies NeXt and Pixar. Pixar went on to create the world’s first computer animated feature film, Toy Story, and is now the most successful animation studio in the world. In a very dramatic-Hindi-film-like turn of events, Apple bought NeXT, Jobs returned to Apple, and the technology he developed at NeXT is at the heart of Apple’s current renaissance. Had any of this been possible, if he wasn’t thrown out of Apple in the first place? Had he not picked up his life and had he chosen to live in a shell? Had he accepted the status quo? NO.

My respect, awe and admiration for man who wore black polo-necks and white pants went up by notches when I first listened to his video about a year ago. Here was a man, who was ready to accept challenges at all stages of life, including his fight with that rare pancreatic cancer. Here was a man who loved his game and defiantly refused to settle for anything but the best. And here was a man who advocated new-thought leadership every time and who chased excellence and benchmarked with perfection. If I can imbibe even one little thing from these learnings in my own life, I would do my existence a world of good.

His untimely death has left me in a shock and it’s a huge loss to the whole world. But I am sure he is immortal in so many of our hearts, and in all those ‘Apple’ products that we use. And every time we use his products, I know we will be secretly blessing the man who made it all possible.

Kudos to his attitude!

RIP Mr. Jobs!


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