The buck stops here!


There is something about us humans and our attitude to procrastinate. Animals never do that. If they have to hunt, they have to hunt. If they have to sleep, they have to sleep. But we, with our super competent brains, have a way of complicating everything, even the simplest of the simplest.

Ok…so this entire 3 line philosophy about ‘procrastination’ because that’s what even I have been doing. I have been meaning to start writing blogs forever, now it seems.  And believe me, to get started here, was such a simple process. All I had to do is to just create my account, which like I said earlier, is a simple five minute procedure. Phew!

Now that I have finally joined the ‘Blogwagon’, I’ll not really waste much time. The creative juices, as they say, start flowing when you actually put pen to paper. Not literally of course, in this case. But you get what I mean. So what can I write, that’s already not really been written or talked about?

Anna Hazare? Well…what do I say? No sooner than you type ‘An..’ in Google search, than it starts predicting that you are going to ask it about ‘Anna.’

2G scam, Common Wealth Game scam or ‘natural calamities’ like terrorist attacks (natural because we seem to be totally unprepared and so vulnerable, right)? Or our so-called ‘Spirit’ or ‘Resilience’ to such attacks? I am beginning to hate these two words. I mean… do we have a choice, not to be resilient?

Inflation, Petrol price, Volatile markets or surging Gold price? Nah…I don’t think so I have an IQ to really talk in detail about any of these topics.

So I’ll start with a small incident that happened today.  Everyone is aware about the ‘new’ affluent class in India, aren’t we? So it’s no longer uncommon to spot a BMW or an Audi on roads, every few minutes. So while I was waiting to catch an auto (and while they were shamelessly turning me down for no good reason), I couldn’t help notice a swanky sedan whiz pass me. What I saw next left me really baffled. A perfectly manicured, elegant hand came out to throw an empty packet of chips. How can a seemingly-educated (now I seriously have my doubts about her education after seeing that episode) woman, cocooned within the confines of her luxurious sedan, be so unbothered about her surroundings. While it is evident that she likes to keep her immediate surroundings clean, how could she have such an indifferent attitude towards the environmental hygiene and cleanliness? I was so disgusted that I actually  pitied her mind. But when I thought about it a bit more, I realized that it’s not just with that woman. Throwing things, garbage, and waste out of the home/car window and onto the streets, seems like a second nature to so many of us. No wonder we still are a crass society. And our civic sense leaves much to be desired; more so in the urban areas.

Blaming politicians for everything, right from the poor state of infrastructure to the educational system is seriously uncool. And we have to learn to ‘stop passing the buck.’ Why don’t we realize our folly, be brave to own up to our mistakes and do our bit to better things. I am positive that if each of us starts in our own little way, we can definitely change things around here. It’s not that hopeless a situation after all. And all we need is a small paradigm shift in our attitude. And in this context, a no-tolerance for unhygienic surroundings.

I vow to do my bit and to refrain from spoiling my environment. Are you willing to do your bit?

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28 thoughts on “The buck stops here!

  1. hey zee!!! have experienced this personally!! our last year trip to a hill station with family: tha national game of TRAVEL in india, ANTAKSHRI, ws in the air, kids clapping AA MINA, SUPER SINA, auntys gossipin abt their nieghbours jewlery n sarees n thn one hand changed the whole atmosphere in the bus. My uncle ws throwing a wafer packet out of the window. Thn a voice came out OOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEE!!! no if no but only DUSTBIN, I YELLED.

    last week i ws sent back to the trip whn we were in rajasthan n my uncle stopped my niece from throwing a carry bag out of the window, sayin “BETA KHIDKI SE THEELI MAT PHEKO WARNA SHYAM CHACHU AA JAAYEGA”

    so i believe BE THE CHANGE U WANT!!!

  2. agreed to zinal u know what last month i did one documentary film related to this problem . we even had interviews of those who are attached with NGOs trust me if u would have listen their interviews they were so gud with their words but on the same evening out of them few people threw their wastage packets on the road side.

    even i saw those people also especially girls or women they throw those things on roads which not even mention which is really personal for a girl.

    its really bad to see that we just blame others but we never try to improve ourselves

  3. Nice blog!! Keep writing. People really need to start using their civic sense. Its so annoying to see people throw garbage on the streets and out of the train compartments.

  4. I completely agree with you Zinal. Everyone should understand their responsibility and not litter around. But let me tell you my experience here in Sydney. They have public events almost every weekend, may it be a concert, cultural day celebration, Mardigras or even the New year celebration which is pretty huge. All the events end by 2am in the morning and trust me its very messy with food, liquor cans and bottles, clothes, accessories, and the things you cant even imagine lying on roads, in the parks, near apartments and almost everywhere. But then try going at the same places at 7am, which is just 5 hours after the event is over, and the streets are spotless, roads washed, bins emptied and the city is shiny clean again. So this makes me wonder, which the kind of cheap labor available in India, why is it so difficult for the government to keep the places clean. I am not saying people should be irresponsible, but it makes more sense to me for the government to be more responsible, allocating the resources in an efficient way. We have every equipment in India, but we are not able to put it into proper use.

    • Thank you so much Vaibhav for taking time out to read this.
      Wow..what u mention about Sydney is indeed awe-inspiring. India can surely learn a thing or two from them.
      Yes, the government should take more initiatives, but the onus lies on each one of us, i think, if we have to really keep our surroundings clean.

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